"Diane has cared for my dogs for 15 months.  She has never once missed an appointment, been late, or done anything to make me doubt her reliability, honesty and integrity.  Diane goes above and beyond every day with my dogs - I have a lab who is now almost 2 (and is quite a handful) and a beagle who is almost 15, is ill, and needs a lot of extra TLC.  While my parents were staying with me, Diane came every afternoon to walk the dogs - when I asked my Dad how they acted with her, he said my lab "did backflips" when she came to the house!  Is there any better endorsement than that!?"
- Joanne L.  

"Thank you for taking care of the cats. Seeing their pictures and getting your updates saying how they were doing everyday while we were gone was very nice!"

- Bill and Sutaya 


"I searched for almost two years to find an organization that would be able to be trusted & care for my precious doggie, Addison. After reading all the positive reviews from Next Door, I wrote Diane a note. I knew she was our caregiver for walking our Addison. She is very competent, skilled in dog behavior, very kind, along with being an uber communicator. Which I love. Between the two of us we have worked on Addison's barking at other dogs. She has almost completely eliminated that habit. Her stride in walking is calm & steady with my walk. Addison is so happy with Diane, they have fun & laugh along with Addison's trust with Diane. I couldn’t be happier & we consider Diane family! We are blessed."

- Brenda K 

In-Home Pet Care & Dog Walks

"We can’t say enough good things about Diane and the care she gives our Grand-dog, Nellie.  We never thought we’d be the type of people who would hire a dog-service to come into our home on a daily schedule.  In the past, friends or neighbors would come in and give Nellie a potty break.  If Nellie just didn’t feel like going potty at their visit, the opportunity would be lost.  So, when we learned of My Pet Pals, we thought we should give Diane a try.  It is such a good thing for Nellie.  Diane stops by around the same time each day, greets and plays with Nellie and then takes her for a nice walk.  Diane also manages to give a few belly rubs to Scruffy, our “Old Man-Cat”.  Both pets look forward to her visit and subsequent treats each day. It takes the stress out of our lives, especially, when we have to stay longer at work than expected.  And on those nights, when we don’t have the energy to fit a walk in, we don’t feel quite so guilty!

If you are considering hiring a service, please give Diane a try, you will not be sorry."
- Luann R 

We Play While You're Away

"We are very very happy with Diane after using a series of kids from the neighborhood. She is the ultimate professional. She has never missed a day. We no longer worry that the dogs are taken out and exercised. She is great with the boys (Otter and Diesel), two black labs. She takes time to give each dog their individual time.
I love the photos and videos she takes. Some of our best photos are those she took.
Highly recommended!"
- Tim and Wendy H 

"We could not be happier with the services from Diane! She takes amazing care of our dog, Hugo, while we are working during the week. We love receiving daily updates and pictures of their time together. We can see how happy Hugo is and how much he loves his special time with Diane during the week. In addition to Hugo, she also lets us know if anything is going on by our house that we should be prepared for on the way home, such as work in the neighborhood, weather issues, etc. We would recommend her and her services to anyone! It is a big step to open your home to someone, but she is very trustworthy, professional and overall fantastic!"
- Erich and Kelly S  

"We have used My Pet Pals on a few occasions. We have a dog that can be a little aggressive out of fear. Diane was absolutely awesome with our dogs. We have boarded our dogs in the past, but will never do that again. She sends photos and videos with every visit. We love those and they help with missing them when we are away! I highly recommend My Pet Pals!!!!! The best $ you will ever spend on your fur babies!!"
- Kerry D and Patty P 

"Leaving behind our beloved furry family members was never easy until we found Diane!  She not only provided basic care (food, water, walks and a clean litter box) but showered them with love and affection so they were less lonely! We always receive text messages and pictures during her visits so we feel secure in knowing all is well at home. Diane also makes our place look lived in while we were away by opening and closing the curtains and bringing in the mail.  Finding Diane was a true blessing! "

- Susan R 

All Testimonials are from Current Clients

"We struggle greatly planning vacations concerned about the health and happiness of our two beloved cats and the security of our home and its contents while away. This said, we would encourage anyone who contends with a similar emotional struggle to hire Diane Stuercke from My Pet Pals with complete confidence. In fact we've decided to dismiss our former caregiver altogether and will employ only Diane in the future. Diane demonstrated professionalism, cheerfulness, respect for our home, reliability and compassion. She not only took unhurried care of our pets, feeding and providing water and a clean litter box, but she was also meticulous in securing our home upon her departure. Especially appreciated were the daily text messages and pictures or videos of our pets, gave us a smile and much peace of mind. Thank you, Diane, we're very grateful."

- Steve & James, Tilda and Catalina