Our business is based on the philosophy that great service is the best thing we can offer. What that means to us is that we come to you and find

out how we can best take care of you and your pets, rather than offering a generic plan that every animal can fit. Like people, each pet has a distinct

personality and enjoys a different life routine. We don't believe one size fits all when it comes to pet care. We do our best to meet your pet's timetable versus the standard 9-5 office schedule. Visits are 20 minutes or one hour and can be scheduled at times to keep your pet on its normal food and exercise routine.




Each visit includes:

  • Loving care for all your pets        
  • Fresh food & water
  • Walks
  • Inside or outside play & attention
  • Clean up any pet messes
  • Pet reports with attention to detail
  • Scoop and clean litter boxes​
  • Water plants
  • Take in mail, papers & packages
  • Alternate blinds/curtains/lights
  • Peaceful lap time and cuddling

We Play While You're Away

When we visit your kitties, we will make sure they have fresh water and food. Litter

boxes will be cleaned with each visit. In addition, we will provide your feline friends

with love, play and companionship. At our initial meeting, we will review what they

like and dislike and then plan our visit activities accordingly -- playing, cuddling,

brushing or whatever they like.

Indoor/Outdoor Cats
There are strong opinions about whether cats should be allowed to go outside

in an unsecured area. We know many of our customers allow their cats to go

outside. But Please Do Not Ask Us To Let Your Cat Go Outside When You Are Away.

There is always a danger that your cat will not come back while we are at the

house and have to be left outside for 24 hours. There's also a risk that the cat

intentionally won't come to the house at all when we are there because it doesn't

know us as well as it knows you. This can result in your cat being without food,

getting caught in a storm, getting too hot or too cold and other risks. Even

if nothing happens to your cat outside, the stress and worry it causes us is unbearable.

We'll do everything we possibly can to keep your cat happy and entertained inside.

Dog Services/Walks
If you work long hours or feel guilty about leaving your pets home alone while you

are at work or some other activity, we can stop by to let them out and play. Mid-day

visits are a great way to let your dog out for a nice walk during the day. Unlike

the process when you take them to a daytime facility, you won't get your car or

clothes covered with hair.

Many of our customers hire us to come over and walk their dogs on a daily or 

occasional basis. Sometimes they are too busy to do it themselves. Sometimes

they are recovering from an illness or at other times the weather is too nasty for

them to want to go out. If you ever need help walking your dog temporarily or

long-term, we will be happy to do it.  

We also offer a Quick Potty Break service to potty your pups. This doesn't include

walking (unless you don't have a fenced in yard), feeding, or any other service. It's a

quick potty break, no more than 10 minutes.

In-Home Pet Care & Dog Walks

To Contact Us

Phone 847-338-2478 or Email admin@mypetpalsllc.com